Airport services

To make your journey as enjoyable as possible, Rennes airport provides a range of services in its terminal building.


Opening of the terminal


  • Monday to Thursday : 5 am - 10 pm 
  • Friday : 05.45 am - 10:30 pm
  • Saturday : 5:30 am - 7 pm
  • Sunday : 8:30 am - 11:30 pm

In the current health context, the terminal hours are currently modified, as below.



Reception - Information

Located in the arrival hall, the Information Point is open from Monday to Friday from 8am to 10pm, on Saturdays from 8am to 9.30pm and on Sundays from 9.30am to 10pm*. 


Contact details: +33 (2).  

Seven days a week, the airport hosts and hostesses are available to:

  • inform you about the possible destinations departing from Rennes, the connecting flights available and day flights times, car parks's fees.
  • direct you towards the airport services available: car rental, access to our Lounge...   
  • provide you with Rennes maps and tourist brochures about Rennes and the surrounding area.
  • manage the lost property service


*Opening times may vary depending on flight schedules.


Group services

A group reception service is also available at Rennes Airport. It can be provided both at departure and on arrival.    
For more information about the service details and charges, please contact:

Nahalie Lefeuvre

Supervisor of Customer Services   

Tel.: +33 (0) 2 99 29 60 39



Free and unlimited wifi

At Rennes airport, VINCI Airports offering you free and unlimited wifi. Surf without constraint upon arrival in the airport until the departure lounge.

To learn more , click here.


Destination Rennes (Tourism Office)


Rennes destination (tourism office) is present at the airport. A stand is located opposite the reception desk / information, at the arrivals hall.

An agent of Destination Rennes is present from 9:30 to 14:30, Monday to Saturday. For information about Rennes and beyond, documentation is also at your disposal.

Do not hesitate to ask them.



Automated teller machine

A BNP automated teller machine is available in front of Trib's.



Lounge living room

Located on the 1st floor of the airport, discover the lounge living room. You can sit comfortably and enjoy a private area to work or relax before your flight.

Read more and check prices here.










A touch terminal of Salaun Holidays / National Tours is available in Rennes' airport (in front of the information desk).

This is a touch screen allowing in particular consult the airport website, with access to the search engine / reservation forms of flights and stays.

So you can find out quickly about holidays and buy plane tickets at the airport.


Sale of bus tickets

Bus tickets are on sale at the Information Point of the airport at the fare of €1.50.


Book crossing area

A book crossing area is at your disposal in the boarding room.

This concept is based on the principle of sharing: a book, previously labeled and recorded, is deposited in a place, available to anyone who wants to take it to read it and deposit it elsewhere in turn ...

Each book carries a unique reference that makes it possible to follow it in its peregrinations. Passengers who borrow books are invited to visit to indicate where they have deposited the book. Thus the book can be followed and commented indefinitely.

We invite our passengers to borrow books but also to deposit them.


Lost property

A lost property service is based at the Reception-Information desk. It is open from Monday to Sunday from 8am to 10pm*. 

Contact details: 02 99 29 60 00

*Opening times may vary depending on flight schedules.


Baby change area

To help you look after your baby, a baby change area is located in the terminal building departure and arrival hall toilets.


Post box

A post box is located inside the terminal building.

Mail is collected at 12.30pm Monday-Friday and at 12pm on Saturdays.


Luggage trolleys

Luggage trolleys are available in the Departure and Arrival halls, in front of the terminal building and on the car parks. Tokens for the trolleys are available at the Reception-Information point located in the terminal building.



Entrusted objects

A entrusted objects service is available at the Reception-Information point. The charge is EUR 10 per drop-off.

A BNP ATM machine is available in front of Trib's.



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