ABIDJAN Ivory Coast

The city of a thousand colors

Abidjan, a former French colony, has retained a rich, unique local culture. Home to over fifty ethnic groups, the city offers an attractive multicultural atmosphere. Visitors can also admire the rich and diverse local flora and fauna, and are likely to come across some of the animals we associate most with Africa, like elephants and antelopes. Enjoy the local culinary delights, from one of West Africa's most varied traditional cuisines: braised chicken, foutou and Aloko (banana) are sure to make your mouth water.

Regular flights between Rennes and Abidjan

You can fly to Abidjan’s International Félix-Houphouet-Boigny Airport all year round via Paris-CDG with Air France, departing from Rennes.

Informations about the destination

> Climate : The city enjoys a sub-equatorial climate with alternating dry and rainy seasons. The best time to visit the country is between November and March.

> Time difference with France : -2h in summer and -1h in winter

> Currency : West African CFA Franc

> Travel documents required : Passport valid at least 6 months after the date of return and a biometric visa.

Vaccination: Please contact your local physician, who can tell you which vaccinations are required for travellers to this country.

Tourist information :



Ivory Coast Tourist Office in Paris:

Attractions and activities

The grand bassam

This former colonial quarter and beach resort offers a host of interesting sites for those who want to discover the city’s rich heritage: costume museum, ceramics center, lighthouse, and many more.

The city of Man

Known as the city of eighteen hills, it is now a protected forest, home to many animals. Sacred monkeys, rope bridges made of lianas, many different waterfalls and the Mount Sangbé National Park are just some of the things to discover.


This is home to the world's largest religious building, Our Lady of Peace Basilica. Its dome was inspired by Saint Peter's in Rome and is large enough to contain Notre Dame Cathedral.

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