Alicante, the White Citadel

Called Lucentum (city of light) by the Romans, Alicante nestles in a bay overlooked by Mont Benacantil on which the historic Castle of Santa Barbara was built. The palm tree-lined avenues lead you to the Explanada España, famed for its sophisticated restaurants. Visit Tabarca island, just a ferry hop away, to enjoy the clear turquoise waters of its Mediterranean Marine Reserve.

Flights between Rennes and Alicante

Vueling flies to Alicante throughout the year via Barcelona. The Rennes-Barcelona route is operated all year round with between 3 and 5 flights per week.

Informations about the destination

Climate : Alicante has a dry, Mediterranean climate with warm to high temperatures right through the year and an exceptional number of sunshine hours. The average temperature is 11°C in winter and 26°C in summer.

Time difference with France : None

Currency : Euro

Tourist information :,

To discover

The beaches

With more than 30 km of coastline characterised by sandy beaches and clear water there is something for everyone: small isolated beaches, lively, animated beaches and small coves. San Juan beach is the largest (7 km long) and is well served by public transport and the tramway. In complete contrast is Calitas des Cabo de las Huertas, which is nothing like as developed as San Juan. There are countless small, hidden-away coves with crystal-clear water.

The appeal of Elche

This historic town is just a few kilometres to the south of Alicante. Elche was founded in the 5th century BC and is home to a number of attractions, such as the Palmeral (Palm Grove) which was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2000, as well as the Basilica Santa Maria. This small town has a youthful and dynamic exuberance, and will not fail to surprise you.

The bonfires of Saint John (Hogueras de San Juan)

Every year, between the 20th and 26th of June, the keenly-anticipated St John festival is held. Alicante celebrates the arrival of the summer, which is traditionally accompanied by large bonfires. The festival has official recognition in Spain as an international tourist attraction, and the largest and most spectacular one is held in Alicante. In the evening of St John's day, tradition dictates that actual works of art created by local artists are burnt.

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