Danube pearl

With several sites registered at UNESCO world heritage, Budapest is one of most beautiful european capitals. 

Let yourself be carried along the Danube banks, discover the district of Buda castle, and enjoy its many museums (Hungarian national Gallery, Decorative Arts museum...). The city has a rich cultural and architectural heritage, and invites you to a trip at the heart of Mitteleuropa, central Europe. With its several restaurants, its famous « ruin pubs » and its night life, Budapest is among the European "trends" capitals 

You can fly to Budapest all year round via Paris CDG or Amsterdam with Air France.

Information about the destination
  • Climate : continental with cold winters, and hot and humid summers. Best period to visit Budapest is between april to october with a september preference. 
  • Time difference with France : none
  • Currency : Hungarian forint
  • Travel document requirements: valid passport or national identity card
  • Tourist information
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