Want to discover Morocco? Casablanca is your arrival city from Rennes! It has become over the years the economic capital of the country and its largest city. There are a thousand and one ways to explore the destination. Between nature and city, you can walk around Casablanca according to your desires of the day.

From breathtaking landscapes to lifestyles, through the discovery of places, architectures, or even crafts, you will come back with superb memories in your head. Located on the Atlantic coast, you can also discover magnificent beaches.

Rabat, Chefchaouen and Fez are located near Casablanca and are essential places to visit during your escape. Many excursions are also organized: Visit of Marrakech from Casablanca on camel back, excursion in the desert, discoveries of waterfalls, ...

Casablanca is accessible from Rennes via Paris CDG with Air France airline.

Flights Rennes-Casablanca

Rennes Casablanca flights stop from March 28.
Casablanca is accessible from Rennes via Paris CDG with Air France airline.

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Climate: humid from October to April and dry from May to September.

Time difference: Between 0 and -2h

Currency: Moroccan Dirham

Travel formalities:
Valid passport for French nationals is mandatory, visa is not required. The national identity card is not recognized to enter Moroccan territory. No vaccination certificate is required for travelers from Europe or America.

Tourist information :
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