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Visit the land of Teranga

"Teranga" literally means "hospitality" in the Wolof language, and indeed hospitality is a way of life for the Senegalese people. Teranga is the spirit of camaraderie, tolerance, and acceptance of one another. Dakar is the perfect gateway destination to discover the multiple facets of this country, so marked by its past. The great appeal of Senegal is its rich cultural and natural diversity, with magnificent national parks, busy markets, beaches and much more.

Regular flights between Rennes and Dakar

You can fly to Dakar all year round via Paris-CDG with Air France.

Informations about the destination

Climate: Dakar has a coastal microclimate, even though it lies in a sub-desert tropical zone. It enjoys an exceptional number of sunshine hours. There are two seasons in each year: the dry season and the rainy season. The ideal time to visit is during the dry season (October to May) since it almost never rains, and temperatures are a little cooler.  

Time difference with France: -2hrs in summer and -1hr in winter

Currency: West African CFA Franc

Official language: French

Travel document requirements: biometric visa, valid passport and yellow fever vaccination certificate. It is advisable to check the French Foreign Office's website before setting off for details of their recommendations for your trip.


Tourist information: www.au-senegal.com

To discover

The crossroads of civilisations

When you arrive in Dakar, you will soon notice the diversity of the country and the diversity of Africa. Senegal is both a coastal and a sub-Saharan country, which is one of the reasons for the richness of its population and landscapes. Wolofs, Peuls, Diolas, Madingues, Serer and Toucouleurs - Senegal is a mixing pot of peoples, whose daily life is animated by the rhythm of the music and the chatter of conversation. The landscapes are just as diverse, and create an unforgettable backdrop for your visit. In Dakar, the good-natured hustle and bustle of its lively streets is charming.

Exceptional natural sites

Senegal's natural environment is spectacular, with its parks - home to an astonishing variety of birds and many large mammals - and beautiful beaches where the vegetation grows enthusiastically. The list of places to visit includes: the Djoudj national bird sanctuary, the seaside resort of Saly, Lompoul desert, Nikolo-Koba national park, Bandia nature reserve, the small coastal village of Samone, the island of Gorée…     

The island of Gorée

Located directly off the coast of Dakar, and just a 20-minute boat ride away, the island of Gorée is welcoming and a must-visit location for those interested in understanding the country's past, since here the history of colonisation is presented with uncompromising clarity. The island is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, and stands as a monument to the memory of slave trading. The House of Slaves is well worth a visit, even though some may find it unsettling. The island of Gorée is now a place of pilgrimage, reconciliation and forgiveness. The island is small enough to be visited on foot. The beauty of its wild and natural landscapes and the luxurious homes of the slave traders contrast with the depravity of the slaves quarter, heavy with history.

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