Corsica, the Island of Beauty

Corsica has something to please everyone: exotic beaches, magical mountains, little hilltop villages, dramatic gorges, protected nature reserves, world-famous cuisine and a sunny climate…

In the north, discover Bastia, Saint-Florent, the Nebbio and Cap Corse, Calvi and Balagne, and in the west, the Gulf of Porto and Piana…

Rennes will be connected to Bastia from 2019, April 6th to October 5th, by direct seasonnal flights with HOP!/Air France. 

You can also fly to Bastia all year round via Marseille with Air France.

Journey time between Rennes and Bastia: 1 hour 50 minutes

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Corsica has a Mediterranean climate. In the summer the weather is hot and dry (36°C on the coast, 26°C in the mountains), in spring and autumn it is warm and sunny and winters are mild, with temperatures rarely falling below 0°C.

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Attractions and activities

Bastia, Saint-Florent and Cap Corse

Facing the Tuscany coast, Bastia is a lively city with all the charm of an old Mediterranean town.

On the west coast, Saint-Florent is a little fishing port and a fashionable holiday destination. It is also the starting point of the 25-mile long coastal path skirting the Agriates coast, entirely protected from development by the French Coastal Protection Agency.

Cap Corse begins north of Bastia

A sharp mountain ridge 25 miles long, it is a land of sailors and fishermen. A coastal road takes you right round the peninsula and affords spectacular views at each twist and turn.

Other places not to be missed: Nonza and its Genoese tower, Centuri, a delightful little port with a crystal-clear sea, Finocchiarola nature reserve with its Audouin Gulls and the beaches of Santa Maria and Tamarone, as well as Erbalunga, a little fishing village...

The Gulf of Porto

With its coast lined with red granite cliffs plunging down into a deep blue sea, the Gulf of Porto is a Unesco World Heritage Site. Girolata Peninsula also offers magnificent views over sheer cliffs, ragged peaks and a turquoise sea.

In the north, Scandola Nature Reserve is also a must-see site.

Calvi and Balagne

Home to Calvi, the Ostriconi Valley, and Île-Rousse… Balagne, known as "the garden of Corsica”, has a great deal to offer.

Above all Calvi with its huge bay, its three-mile long beach, the walls of its citadel stretching out into sea, its marina and yacht harbour.

The Revellata Peninsula with its exceptional underwater environment, Île-Rousse and its market with its twenty one columns, its beautiful seaside walks, the small town of Aregno…

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