Welcome to the capital of the Auvergne

The city of Clermont-Ferrand, capital of the Auvergne Region, enjoys an exceptional environment. The famous Puy de Dôme mountain, highest point of the volcanic Puys chain, lies a short distance away. The nearby Auvergne Volcano Nature Park offers a variety of well-preserved natural landscapes.

The city also boasts a rich architectural heritage, with the Gothic cathedral, the Romanesque basilica, listed as a Unesco World Heritage building, or the medieval quarter of Montferrand.

As the historic birthplace of the MICHELIN tire factory, the city is home to the world’s leading tire manufacturer. Many health, food processing, or mechanical engineering SMEs have also chosen to locate in the city, as well as service sector businesses.

Regular flights between Rennes-and Clermont-Ferrand

You can fly to Clermont-Ferrand every day departing from Rennes, via Paris CDG with Air France.

Informations about the destination

Climate : Clermont-Ferrand has a sheltered semi-continental climate. The city enjoys an above-average number of sunshine hours. Summers are hot and winters are cold and dry.

Tourist information :

Attractions and activities

Clermont-Ferrand, a City of Art and History

Clermont-Ferrand offers a rare combination: the vitality of a big city and the proximity of wide open spaces. The city is surrounded by an exceptional landscape and is the ideal starting point for day trips, walking and hiking in the surrounding countryside.

In town, enjoy the gourmet restaurants, cafe terraces and shopping in the historic centers of Clermont and Montferrand, and discover the city’s rich heritage, starting with Notre-Dame-du Port, a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Building…

Must-see places

- Notre-Dame-Du-Port Basilica

 - The Cathedral

 - Amboise Fountain

 - The historic quarter of Montferrand

 - The Roger-Quilliot Art Museum and the Art Nouveau Museum.

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