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Stuttgart, the capital of the Land of Baden-Württemberg, is well-known for its automotive industry (Porsche, Mercedes). But it is also a very pleasant city to visit, with many museums and castles, as well as lush, green surroundings made up of hills, valleys and parks.

Departing from Rennes, you can fly to Stuttgart all year round via Paris with Air France.

Information about the destination
  • Climate : Stuttgart has a continental climate, with large temperature differences between summer and winter.
  • Time difference with France : None
  • Currency : Euros
  • Official language : German
  • Travel document requirements : Passport or valid national identity card
  • Tourist Information


Attractions and activities

Things to see in Stuttgart

Located in the middle of rolling hills and valleys, Stuttgart is a city with a rich historical heritage. It is definitely an industrial heartland, the birthplace of car manufacturing, but it is also a pleasant, leafy city.

Stuttgart and the countryside

The area around Stuttgart, surrounded by hills, vineyards, forests and lush meadows, is a favourite with cyclists, walkers and nature-lovers. You can go cycling along the "Radel-Thon" circuit around Stuttgart or along the Neckar and Rems rivers, mountain biking in the city, walking along one of the four hiking routes across the vineyards or canoeing along the Neckar canal to Esslingen.

Stuttgart and culture

There are many cultural venues in Stuttgart: the National Gallery (Staatsgalerie), the new Art Museum (Kunstmuseum) on the castle square, the Porsche and Mercedes museums, and the experimental Weissenhof Estate. The Stuttgart Ballet and the Stuttgart television tower are world-famous. Visitors should also head for the splendid Ludwigsburg Palace, the old medieval town of Esslingen and Castle Solitude, three not-to-miss sites. The Schiller National Museum in Marbach and the Beuren Ecomuseum are sure to take you back in time.

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