Florence, Tuscany’s little gem

Florence, the capital of Tuscany, is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. Famous throughout the world for its monuments and works of art by the greatest artists of the Renaissance, it is a favourite destination of art, monument and history enthusiasts.

Departing from Rennes, you can fly to Florence all year round via Lyon with HOP!, and via Paris with Air France.

Information about the destination

> Climate : Florence has a warm Mediterranean climate all year round, and is very sunny in the summer.

> Time difference with France : None

> Currency : Euros

> Official language : Italian

> Travel document requirements : Passport or valid national identity card

> Tourist Information : www.italia.it

Attractions and activities

Florence, a museum city

Famous throughout the world, Florence is the true birthplace of culture and the arts. The city is a veritable open-air museum, housing many outstanding historic monuments.

Must-see sites in Florence:

The Piazza del Duomo

The Piazza del Duomo, the heart of the city and its main historic religious centre, is made up of many fine monuments including the Duomo, or Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower, crowned by Brunelleschi’s majestic dome, the Baptistery of Saint John, a magnificent example of Florentine Romanesque art, and Giotto’s Campanile (or bell tower), a masterpiece amongst Florence’s Gothic architecture. And last but not least, set against this amazing backdrop, the Loggia del Bigallo.

The Piazza della Signoria

The Piazza della Signoria is where you can find both the Loggia della Signoria, decorated with famous sculptures and the Fountain of Neptune. The square is also overlooked by the Palazzo Vecchio or “Old Palace”, one of the key landmarks in Florence.
Around the square stands the majestic Uffizi Gallery, today one of the most important and famous museums in the world, which houses works by Botticelli, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and many other great artists.

The Ponte Vecchio

The Ponte Vecchio, one of Florence’s emblematic monuments, straddles the Arno River.

It is the oldest bridge in Florence, and has always been an open-air shopping arcade for goldsmiths and jewellers.

The Oltrarno district

This district is home to many masterpieces, starting with the Church of Santa Felicità which houses, amongst others, a selection of frescos by Pontormo.
Around the Santo Spirito square stand the Palazzo Guadagni and the Basilica of Santo Spirito.
Not far away, lies the beautiful square of the Palazzo Pitti.

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