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Metz is the prefecture of the Lorraine region, and has been nicknamed the Garden City since it has led the way in France with its approach to urban ecology and the environment - promoting green spaces and public gardens. Nature is never far away even in the centre of the city, which makes Metz a very pleasant place in which to live. The Seille and Moselle rivers both pass through the city, which has managed to preserve its picturesque charm, particularly in the "Old Metz" quarter.

Regular flights between Rennes and Metz

You can fly to Metz all year round via Paris-CDG or via Lyon with Air France.

Informations about the destination

Climate : oceanic, but with occasional very hot spells in summer and very cold spells in winter. Summers are fairly hot and winters tend to be cold. The temperature difference between the seasons can be large.

Tourist information :

Attractions and activities

Must-see places

Saint-Stephen of Metz Cathedral

Built from the 13th to the 16th century, it is one of the tallest gothic buildings in Europe. Nicknamed the Good Lord's Lantern due to its enormous expanse of stained glass windows, it dominates Metz from its position on Sainte-Croix hill. Its atypical gothic style gives it singular, distinctive characteristics. In fact, it is formed from the joining of two churches, built facing one another. Its spire is thus in the middle, and not at one end as is traditional.

The Centre Pompidou-Metz

A public institution for cultural cooperation, the Centre Pompidou-Metz has been the most visited French museum outside Paris every year since it opened in 2010. It is dedicated to modern and contemporary art, and in addition to its exhibitions it hosts many events each year. It provides a fabulous setting for temporary exhibitions from around the world.

The Golden Courtyard museum

This museum exhibits an impressive collection of archaeological finds and artistic works themed on the history of Metz and the surrounding area.

The Opera House of Metz

Dating back to the 18th century, this centre of high culture is the oldest working opera house in France. It was inaugurated on the 3rd of February 1752 and ballet, opera, plays and musicals are performed right through the year.

Saint Louis's square

This square is well worth a visit to admire its picturesque architecture, characterised by a strong Italian influence. Dating from mediaeval times, it comprises a covered gallery and about sixty vaulted arcades. 

Metz, the world capital of the Mirabelle plum

There's no escaping from Mirabelle plums in Metz! There are countless local specialities which feature the city's adopted fruit: spirits, liqueurs, jams, snacks, Mirabelle-flavoured caramel, filled sweets as well as perfumes and cosmetics

Every year, big events are organised to celebrate the Mirabelle Festival, with dancing and eating high on the list of activities. The climax of the festival is the election of the Queen of the Mirabelle. The other events typically include: a mass launch of hot air balloons, free shows and fireworks, street markets, open-air dances and picnics…  

Water city and Garden City

Metz is often referred to as the Water City as two rivers flow through the centre: the Seille and the Moselle. Several small islands have been formed by these rivers. The city is characterised by numerous bridges, which give the city a singular identity and charm.  The notable older bridges include: the grand pont des Morts, the pont de la Préfecture, the pont des Grilles and the pont des Roches. Some of the bridges were built in the 12th century.

The alternative name, Garden City, derives from Metz's reputation for its parks and green spaces. In 1994, it won the European Flower Display of the year award.

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