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As the world’s third largest megalopolis and Mexico's capital, Mexico City is one of Latin America’s most influential places. It offers the multi-facetted face of Aztec culture.

Regular flights between Rennes and Mexico City

You can fly from Rennes to Mexico City via Paris CDG with Air France.

Informations about the destination

> Climate : The seasons are reversed compared to France. Winters are dry and summer is the rainy season. The best time to visit is between October and April; with spring being the hottest time of year.

> Time difference with France : When it is 12 noon in France, it is 4 am in Mexico in the summer and 5 am in winter.

> Currency : Mexican Peso

> Tourist information : Tourist Office
4 rue Notre Dame des Victoires
75002 Paris
Phone n°: +33
E-mail :

> Official language : Spanish is the official language spoken in Mexico.

> Local food specialities : enchiladas, quesadilla (cheese or chicken tortilla), tamales (sweet or salty corn bread), mole poblano (spicy, chocolate-coated chicken).

Attractions and activities

Templo Mayor

Discover the ruins of the Aztec Empire. This is one of Mexico’s most important and symbolic archeological sites. It includes a museum with many amazing monuments such as the Coyolxauhqui monolith, ruins, and much more.

Teotihuacan Valley

Two giant pyramids, the “Pyramid of the Moon” and the “Pyramid of the Sun”, rise in the middle of a vast plain. The valley is a UNESCO world heritage site. These sacred pyramids are every bit as awe-inspiring as their distant counterparts in Egypt.

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