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Located between the Everglades National Park and Biscayne , Miami is world famous for its long sandy beaches and for its festive and multicultural atmosphere. Miami embodies a mixed identity between Hispanic culture and Cuban culture. Here, salsa tunes resonate in every corner and ensures fantastic scenery !

It is also a city known for its art deco architecture and its proximity to the Bahamas, located a few hours by boat .

Regular flight Rennes- Miami via Amsterdam or Paris CDG with Air France and Iberia via Madrid.

Informations about the destination

> Climate : Miami has a tropical climate . Summers are hot and humid and winters are dry and mild. Cyclones may occur between May and October. Miami has the advantage of benefiting from sea to the pleasant temperature throughout the year, so you can swim from January to December .

> Time difference: -6h in the summer and -5h in the winter

> Currency: US dollar

> Official language: English

> Formalities of Travel : electronic biometric passport or valid, or, if still valid and issued before 26 October 2005, individual readable passport and ESTA electronic travel authorization.

> Tourist information :

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