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The Beer Festival city

Munich is the capital city of Bavaria and the second favourite tourist destination in Germany after Berlin. Munich is a prosperous city, as shown by the number of bars, restaurants and luxury boutiques.

Many French people looking for new opportunities come and try their luck in Munich. It is a people-friendly city that manages to combine a sense of tradition with a thriving local economy.

Regular flights between Rennes and Munich via Paris CDG (Franz-Joseph Strauss International Airport)

Informations about the destination

> Climate : Munich enjoys a dry continental climate open to wet western weather fronts. The Bavarian continental climate is variable, with cool temperatures at higher altitudes where the mountains meet the plains.

> Time difference with France : none

> Currency : Euro

> Travel documents required : Passport or valid national identity card for EU citizens.

> Tourist information :

Attractions and activities


This is Munich’s biggest brewery and beer cellar A must-see for any visitor, and famous for its typical Bavarian atmosphere. The food portions are generous and the beer is first class. Amazing colourful frescos adorn the ceilings.

Oktoberfest – The Beer Festival

The Beer Festival is one of those Bavarian traditions that you definitely must not miss when you visit Munich! It takes place every year and attracts over 6 million visitors: Grand brewers’ parade with traditional brewers’ drays, traditional Bavarian costumes and hunters, Bavarian music to dance to throughout the night!

The Beer Garden

The Beer Garden is part of Munich’s way of life. Families, friends and partners like to meet there to enjoy the superb views over the nearby lake. A favourite summer pastime for longtime Munich inhabitants: sipping a cool beer in the Biergarten.

Good wholesome food

A visit to Munich is also synonymous with traditional Bavarian peasant food. Enjoy the delicious Schweinsbraten (roast pork with beer sauce), the Leberkäse (finely chopped pork and beef) and the Glühwein (spicy warm wine), which are staples of traditional Bavarian food. Leberkäse is in fact supposed to be a favourite with all Germans.

The new Pinakothek

This Munich-based museum holds a unique collection of 18th and 19th-century European Art.

Bavaria Filmstadt

Visit the Munich film studios and discover all the secrets of the famous German directors.

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