LISBON Portugal

Exploring the "White City"

Lisbon, both Portugal’s capital and its largest city, is built on seven hills overlooking the Tagus estuary. This is a truly beautiful city, full of interesting things to do and see, alive and vibrant 24/7. It concentrates culture, history and pleasure in a single city!

Departing from Rennes, you can fly to Lisbon all year round via Paris with Air France.

Informations about the destination

Capital city: Lisbon

Climate: Lisbon enjoys an oceanic climate with cool, wet winters and hot, dry summer

Time difference with France: -1 hour

Currency: Euro

Official languages: Portuguese

Travel document requirements: Passport or valid national identity card

Tourist information:

Attractions and activities


If you follow the river, you will reach the neighborhood that best encompasses Portugal’s history of exploration and discovery: Bélem. This is where Vasco da Gama, the explorer, set out with his caravels to discover a sea route to India.

The splendor of the former empire is everywhere to be seen.
Dos Jerónimos Monastery, for instance, is one of the capital city’s finest and grandest monuments. Today, both the Maritime Museum, an absolute must if you want to find out about Portugal’s maritime history, and the Archeology Museum are housed in the wings of this ancient monastery.

A bit further along, you will find another amazing monument, also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage building: the Bélem Tower

The Bairro Alto district

The Bairro Alto is one of the most typical and most charming areas of Lisbon.  It’s the best place in Lisbon to enjoy a night out and have a good time. This historic district with its cobbled streets is famous for its good restaurants, its bars and its Fado houses.

Alfama and its alleyways

This is Lisbon’s oldest district, well-known for its typical cobbled streets and its famous Fado houses.

It can be visited at any time of day. In the morning, you can enjoy a visit to the rua Sao Pedro and rua dos Rémédios markets, and in the afternoon, you can wander through the narrow streets and sit in the shade outside a café, or dine out in the evening and listen to fado.

Nations Park

Nations Park encompasses the venue for the World Exhibition in 1998. This is a vast public area along the river banks, with breathtaking views across the river, looking towards Vasco-de-Gama bridge, the longest in Europe. It is full of bars, restaurants, terraces and boutiques, and is also home to the Oceanário de Lisboa, one of Europe’s largest public aquariums, a casino, the Pavilhão Atlântico (grand auditorium), etc.

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