The city on the sea

Shanghai (which means “on the sea”) is on the east coast of China, bordered by the East China Sea. It is China’s most populated city and one of the world’s largest, boasting a rich historical and cultural heritage. Shanghai is well-known as a major industrial, commercial and financial hub, and for its dynamism and futuristic architecture.

Regular flights between Rennes and Shanghai via Paris CDG

Informations about the destination

> Climate: humid subtropical. Summers are very hot and humid and winters are mild but can also be cold. The best time of year to visit Shanghai is from September to early November (autumn) and from mid-March to the end of May (spring).

> Time difference with France: +6hrs in summer and +7hrs in winter.

> Official language: Mandarin Chinese

> Currency: yuan

> Travel documents required: passport with at least two consecutive blank pages, valid at least 6 months after the date the visa is requested; visa, unless in transit in Shanghai for less than 72h; photocopies of hotel reservations and airline tickets or proof of return airline reservations.

> Tourist information:


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