The official seat of the European Parliament

In addition to being the seat of many European and international institutions, Strasbourg is also one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. With its impressive history, a city centre listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and a distinctive way of life and gastronomy, Strasbourg is a very appealing place to visit. You will certainly not run out of things to see! 

Direct flights will be operated on decembre and january. Strasbourg is also accessible from Rennnes via Paris CDG or Lyon.

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Informations about the destination

Climate : continental. The weather is characterised by quite large variations in temperature from season to season. Summers are fairly hot and stormy, whereas the winters are cold and dry. Snow falls frequently. Spring and summer are pleasant.

Currency : Euro

Travel document requirements : valid passport or national identity card

Tourist information :

Attractions and activities

A rich cultural and historical heritage

Strasbourg's extraordinary architectural heritage reflects the city's turbulent past.

The city centre is the most picturesque quarter, centred on the Grande-Ile, and has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1988. The best way to appreciate the richness of the history which imbues Strasbourg is to visit Notre-Dame de Strasbourg cathedral, the Petite France quarter and the Kammerzell House, or simply wander past the half-timbered houses and covered bridges.

Declared as a city of art and history by the French ministry of culture, Strasbourg is also well known for its lively cultural scene. The main cultural venues include: Strasbourg National Theatre, the Opéra National du Bas Rhin, the Palais Rohan (which houses museums of archaeology, fine arts and decorative arts), and the parc de l'Orangerie (the oldest park in the city).

Strasbourg, the capital of Christmas

For an unforgettable visit and a unique atmosphere, come to Strasbourg at Christmas. The famous Christmas market has been held in the city since 1570, and has become something of an institution. The fabulous displays decorating the facades, the light pouring through stained glass windows and carols reverberating inside churches all combine to create a special atmosphere. Several hundred stall holders gather every year to set up the Christmas market in the roads and squares of the city centre. An enormous Christmas tree is planted in Kléber square and concerts and performances showcase age-old Alsatian traditions.  

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A European capital

New York, Geneva and Strasbourg are the only cities in the world which host international institutions without themselves being national capitals. Strasbourg was chosen as a European capital at the end of the Second World War to symbolise the spirit of reconciliation and to epitomise a better future for Europe.

The European institutions whose seat is in Strasbourg include the European Parliament, the European Court of Human Rights, the Council of Europe, Lieu d’Europe and the Assembly of European Regions.

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