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On the banks of the Rhône River, at the western end of Léman Lake, Geneva has everything to please the visitor. It is a beautiful city surrounded by lakes and mountains. Geneva is Switzerland’s second largest city and hosts the seat of the United Nations Office in Europe.


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Geneva is accessible with a stopover in Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam from Rennes airport.

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Informations about the destination

Climate: Geneva enjoys a temperate climate with warm summers and rather cold winters. Mean temperatures: 10°C in winter, 23°C in summer.

Time difference with France: Geneva and France share the same time zone. No time difference with France.

Currency: Swiss Franc

Official languages: French, German and Italian.

Travel document requirements: Passport or valid national identity card

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Attractions and activities

Geneva, the lake end city

Geneva is well worth a visit for its magnificent location and its famous Water Fountain, but also for its old town, its trendy neighborhoods, its botanical garden and several interesting museums, including the watch-making Museum, the Ariana Museum (ceramics and porcelain) and the Rousseau Museum.

Must-see places

The Water Fountain, emblem of Geneva

Geneva’s Water Fountain is a fascinating sight, with its 140 meter-high plume of water. The best views of the fountain are from the Bains des Pâquis: an incredibly attractive beach right in the city center.

The Old Town

Geneva is Switzerland’s largest historic city, and the Old Town comprises the Cité-centre and Saint-Gervais areas. It is dominated by St-Peter’s Cathedral, a landmark of the Reformation. The Old Town offers a cross-section of the city’s 2,000 year history, with many art galleries, antique shops, museums, fountains, etc.

The Palace of Nations, a symbol of Geneva as the Peace Capital

The Palace of Nations was built between 1929 and 1936, and is the seat of the Office of the United Nations in Europe. As a global diplomatic hub, it hosts over 25,000 delegates every year. It also houses a large number of works of art. Guided tours are organized daily.

The Carouge district

Carouge is a city within the city and often called the "Greenwich Village" of Geneva.

It has its own particular charm with its narrow streets, its gardens, parks and fountains... where you can enjoy a quiet stroll or a drink at a café terrace.


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