The multifaceted city

Tokyo is economical, political and cultural  heart of japan, this city is at the cutting edge of tendency. This huge metropolis has many assets. Constantly evolcong, it releases an incredible energy, and is the change of scene assurance.  Tokyo is surprising and charming with its innovation, art, shopping, architecture, gardens... 

It is the ideal starting point to explore Japan and create unforgettable memories.

Flight Rennes-Tokyo via Paris CDG or Amsterdam with Air France

Information about the destination

> Climate : Temperate, quite mild and enjoyable. Winters are mild and day. Summers are hot and very humid, and often suffer typhoons. Best season for a stay in Tokyo is spring (March to May)

> Time difference with France : + 7 hour on summer, + 8 hour on winter.

> Currency : Japanese yen

Travel document requirements : passport, visa required from 3 months..

> Tourist Information :

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