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History and surfing…

Exeter is a thriving international port, and the quayside is always alive with activity: fishing, boat trips, canoeing…The city also boasts a lively music scene in the many bars and clubs.

Due to the cessation of activity of the company Flybe, since March 5, 2020, the lines to the United Kingdom are currently suspended. We do our best to find other alternatives with other airlines. Exeter remains accessible by connection from Rennes with a connection at Paris CDG with Air France. Dinard airport also allows direct flight to London and East Middlands with the company Ryanair.
Information about the destination
  • Capital city: London is the capital of the United Kingdom
  • Climate: Mild and wet
  • Time difference with France: 1 hour behind
  • Currency: Pound sterling
  • Official language: English
  • Travel document requirements: Passport or valid national identity card
  • Tourist Information: www.visitbritain.com
Attractions and activities

Devon, a breath of fresh air

Devon and South West England will delight any outdoor enthusiast. Discover the Cornish coastline and the lush English countryside, Stonehenge and Bath Spa. A whole host of towns and villages with a blend of fascinating history and lively culture awaits you.

Exeter, a historic city…

A historic city, Exeter offers many opportunities for free guided walking tours. With over 2,000 years of history to explore, these tours take visitors along the historic quaysides, past the 11th century castle’s guard house, and around the Roman city walls and the Gothic cathedral. Exeter is also home to a great many unusual sites: squeeze into the narrowest street in the country, which only measures 65cm at its narrowest point, or marvel at "the house that moved”, a Tudor building moved in its entirety during the sixties to make way for a new road.

…and a lively city

Exeter also has a very active port, where a range of water sports and activities are on offer: boat rides, fishing… In the evening, don't miss the festive atmosphere in the bars and clubs, with music everywhere.

Underneath the city, the tunnels

Below the streets of Exeter, a network of vaulted alleyways will unveil their mysteries. The tunnels were originally built to channel drinking water from the countryside to the town during the 14th century. Discover the strange atmosphere that prevails here by taking a guided tour. As in any shadowy place imbued with magic, you will hear stories of hidden treasures and of daring escapes…

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