VIENNA Austria

A city steeped in history

Vienna lies on the banks of the Danube and has been Austria’s capital city since 1918, after serving as the capital of the Habsburg Empire for nearly seven centuries. A must-see stopover for any tour of Europe’s capital cities, Vienna has long been considered as the capital of classical and baroque music.

Vienna is listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Visit Vienna in the footsteps of the Habsburg Emperors, Empress Sissi, Mozart and of the many other famous characters who have left their mark on Viennese history and culture.

Regular flights between Rennes and Vienna

You can fly to Vienna all year round via Paris CDG with Air France.

Informations about the destination

> Climate : Vienna enjoys a continental climate with cold, snowy winters and fairly hot summers. Spring and autumn are probably the best time to visit, avoiding the summer rainstorms.

> Time difference with France : None

> Currency : Euro

> Tourist information : /

Attractions and activities

The Imperial Palace (Hofburg)

Come and see this magnificent palace, the former residence of the Habsburgs, the reigning Austro-Hungarian dynasty for over ten centuries. Today, it houses the official residence of the President of the Austrian Republic. Remember to see the impressive art collections (including the imperial family’s porcelain and silverware). And don’t forget to visit the Empress Sissi museum.

Saint-Stephen’s Cathedral (Stephansdom)

Saint-Stephen's Cathedral epitomizes Vienna with its majestic spires. It was badly damaged in World War 2, but was restored to its former glory and reopened in 1952.

Schonbrunn, the baroque palace and gardens

An outstanding site: A visit to the castle (the Habsburgs’ imperial residence), the gardens and the world’s first zoological garden is a memorable experience. The castle is considered as one of the main baroque castles in Europe, and has many different rooms, including the private apartments of Emperor Franz-Joseph and his wife Elisabeth, better known as Sissi. The grand French-style gardens are one of the highlights of the visit.

National Viennese Opera House (Wiener Staatsoper)

What would Vienna be without classical music? The world’s greatest opera house is a must for all music-lovers, who can feel the presence of some of its most famous conductors like Strauss or Walter. Guided tours are available.

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