Passenger health guide

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 health crisis, airport staff have been working hard to ensure the safety of all. Below you will find information allowing you to prepare for your trip without worrying. As specified in the French decree of 10 july 2020it is compulsory to wear masks in airports and airplanes (from the age of 11, and 6 years for european flight). The obligation to wear a mask does not rule out passengers being asked to remove it for the purposes of identity controls. You must respect the official barrier gestures. Hand sanitizer dispensers are available in the airport. Ground markings and posters have also been installed to enable you to implement these measures correctly.


wearing a mask is compulsory

Anyone who does not comply with this obligation will be refused access to the airport and will be liable to a fine of 135 euros. 
In addition, wearing a surgical mask is compulsory on board the aircraft.

How to wear your mask properly ? 

Before putting on your mask, wash your hands with soap and water or a hydro-alcoholic solution, put on your mask holding it by the elastic straps, pinch the rigid edge at the nose if there is any has one then lower it under the chin. Avoid touching it and remember to change it as soon as it becomes wet, damaged, or every 4 hours at most. 


Remember to wash your hands 

How to wash your hands properly?

For 30 seconds, rub your hands palm to palm, wash the backs of the hands, wash between the fingers and rub the top, wash the thumbs as well as the fingertips and nails.

To avoid the risk of burns, after washing your hands with hydroalcoholic gel, let them dry well and keep away from any flame and any source of sparks or heat.


Respect the markings on the ground

Access to the terminals (or the terminal building) is limited to passengers and airport crews. Thank you for your understanding !


Health measures implemented at the airport

Cleaning and disinfection is reinforced throughout the airport, as is the renewal of air. For the safety of all, protective plexiglass walls have also been installed at the information, check-in and boarding desks.


In the event of symptoms (cough, fever, unusual fatigue, breathing difficulties, loss of taste or smell, headaches, etc.), do not go to the airport, please avoid any travel and quickly contact your doctor by phone. or a health institution.


Other provisions

Before going to the airport, we invite you to check with your airline in order to check its flight schedule and the measures to be applied on the plane. Before boarding, you will be required to provide a declaration of honor stating that you have no symptoms of Covid-19 infection. For international, overseas or Corsican flights, you must also have a specific certificate accompanied by documents justifying the reason for your trip (overriding personal or family reason, health reason falling under the emergency or professional reason that cannot be postponed).

For more information, visit the government site.


Our teams remain at your disposal and are happy to meet you.See you soon !



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