The islands of Brittany


Each island will charm you in its own special way, and each one is more beautiful than the last.

The Morbihan islands

Hoëdic is one hour from the mainland and will provide a stunning getaway location free of cars and pollution. Its eight kilometres (five miles) of coastline offer the visitor a choice of many beautiful beaches. Hikers can also admire the landscape from the coastal paths.


Houat is an island of fishermen, and the fresh sea air will surely tempt you to taste its shellfish. Houat also has magnificent sandy beaches leading down to a beautiful turquoise sea. The island takes great pride in preserving its natural environment and defending its biodiversity. It is also the perfect place for cycling or walking among the sand dunes.







Belle-Île definitely lives up to its name. After a 45 minute boat crossing from Quiberon, discover the island’s wonderful natural environment. Belle-Île is a beautiful, fertile island offering a great variety of scenery, from sand dunes to sheer cliffs, and beaches lapped by clear blue water. Its inhabitants are its best ambassadors, as they are passionate about their island.

Groix is famous for the impressive variety of its natural surroundings: delightful beaches and creeks, an unspoilt coastline, spectacular cliffs... Walking along the coastal paths or through the village streets of Méné and Locmaria, you are sure to fall under its spell.


Île aux Moines will take you on a quick tour to paradise and back. Cycling or walking by the sea, you will discover the villa gardens and then wend your way back to the Big Beach. On the island, you can enjoy magnificent views over the Gulf of Morbihan. Make sure you stroll through the streets of the Grimpette, the Forge or the Corsairs.    


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The islands and peninsulas of the côtes d'armor

The island of Bréhat is known as the Island of Flowers. After only a 10-minute crossing from l’Arcouest Point, you will be amazed at the ever-changing scenery and the local flora. The island is home to many exotic species: passion-flower, jasmine, palm trees, fig trees... With the wealth of colours, you might as well be on a far-away tropical island.

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The Île-Grande peninsula is the perfect place for a relaxing break. Île-Grande is a calm and beautiful place, where you can enjoy a turquoise sea and both pebble and sandy beaches. For sports enthusiasts, a 7km marked coastal path will take you round the island, and in particular past the marsh of Kervoalant and the harbour of Saint-Sauveur.

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To see around Rennes

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