The Mont-Saint-Michel


the Mont-Saint-Michel

Get set to discover the eighth Wonder of the World! The closer you get to the Mont-Saint-Michel, the higher it seems to rise up from the magnificent bay. But the breath-taking views from the abbey make the climb to the top well worth while.  The Mont-Saint-Michel, rising to 260 feet above sea-level, is a not-to-miss site, for its famous abbey and the fabulous bay of course, but also for its narrow streets winding up to the abbey, its little shops, its parish church dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries, its history museum and its marine and natural history museum, not forgetting Bavole Gate, built in 1590 and the Archéoscope and its "logis Tiphaine", once the dwelling of Bertrand du Gesclin, a 14th century Breton knight.

The Mont-Saint-Michel is also well-known for its gourmet cuisine and in particular its famous omelette. It is also a great place to taste delicious fish from the bay, and seafood, the local delicacy

mont-saint-michel BAY

No visitor to the Mont-Saint-Michel should miss a guided tour across the bay. There are many different tours to choose from, but they all require the company of a professional guide, as the bay is very dangerous and known for its quicksands. What’s more, the tide is said to come in as fast as a galloping horse!

Looking back towards the Mont-Saint-Michel from somewhere in the middle of one of the world’s largest coastal bays, is an absolutely unforgettable experience. Take a big breath of fresh air in an unspoilt, magical environment. The tour will take you past Tombelaine island or you may even make a stop there, depending on the route. The island is some 30 minutes away on foot from the Mont-Saint-Michel. It’s a wonderful place to watch the many varieties of birds, or just to relax and enjoy the scenery.  

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