Saint-Malo and Dinard



Only 40 minutes away from Rennes, treat yourself to a trip to the coast and discover Saint-Malo, a walled town facing the sea.
The fortress town has a character of its own and bears witness to its stormy privateering past. Saint-Malo is the maritime city par excellence, as well as being a well-known seaside resort, an open-air theatre where you can witness the greatest tidal ranges in Europe and a not-to-miss venue for water sports competitions: in other words, a city riding the crest of the wave. A stroll along the ramparts, around the castle and through the streets of the old town is a veritable voyage through history, meeting sailors, explorers and privateers along the way. In this romantic, magic city, Saint-Malo’s many secrets bear witness to 12 centuries of turbulent maritime history.
Shopping, lazing on the beach or seeing the sights… Take Saint-Malo as it comes!

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Head for the coast to admire Dinard’s grand “Victorian” villas, as well as its magnificent sandy beaches and waterside walks. Dinard’s heritage sites are quite exceptional, both in terms of landscapes and architecture. Its stunning villas are in fact included in an Architectural, Urban, and Landscape Heritage Protection Area.
“Elegant” Dinard will take you back in time, to the fashionable early 1900s. The city has been classed as a City of Art and History since 2002.
For those looking to idle away the afternoon, you can make the most of the sun and sea on the four most popular beaches: Saint-Enogat beach, le Prieuré beach, l’Écluse beach et Port-Blanc beach.

Note that every year in October, the famous British Film Festival is held in Dinard.

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