Make the trip easier for your little tribe with the Familliz route

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Families this way!

Traveling with family? 

Make the trip easier for your little tribe with the Familliz route. Follow the Familliz Route for a peaceful, practical and fun family trip.

Serain Familliz


• Zero stress at security checks thanks to easier passage for families with young children and pregnant women.
• Strollers can be loaned to you to go through the checks.
• Unexpected ? Baby product kits are now available free of charge in the event of flight delays or cancellations.
• A medical hotline is available in the event of an emergency.
•A space is reserved for unaccompanied children in the terminal.

Pratique Familliz


• An easy-to-find route to guide you along your journey.
• Parking spaces are reserved for you in parking lot P3.
• We offer menus and equipment adapted to your family in our catering areas.
• To care for your little ones with complete peace of mind, nurseries are reserved for you and spaces are provided for breastfeeding (information at the information counter).

Sympa Familliz


• We offer you a cuddly toy bag at security checks so that your little ones' treasures travel comfortably too.
• Fun with kidzcorner areas dedicated to entertaining children before boarding.

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