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The snack bar have a range of options for hungry travellers: sandwiches, salads, hot dogs, cookies....

La Caravelle

Trib's boutique

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La Caravelle


La Caravelle is the new restaurant at Rennes airport. It is run by LeCoq-Gadby, a renowned culinary establishment in Rennes.

Located on the 1st floor, it offers a view on runway and allows you to have lunch while watching take off and landing planes.

A pool table and a bar contribute to the elegance of the spacious dining room.

A menu of the day is proposed in formula entry/dish, dish/dessert or entry/dish/dessert. It is also possible to choose "à la carte".


The restaurant is open from Monday to Friday from 12h to 14h30. The bar is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. *

Reservations at +33 (0)2 99 38 00 46.


* Schedules subject to change without notice.


Trib's boutique

On the ground floor, Trib's boutique allows you to restore.snack-tribs-aeroport-rennes
Several options are available: menu, sandwich menu, salad menu, menu.

You can also get your fill of magazines, newspapers, books, confectionery.

Regional products are also available.



It is open* :    presse-tribs-aeroport-rennes

  • from Monday to Friday, from 5.30am to 6.30pm       
  • on Saturdays from 6.00am to 6.30pm      
  • on Sundays from 6.00am to 6.30pm. 

*Schedules subject to modifications according to flights timetables


Selecta dispenser

To fill smaller appetites, seven distribution points are available in the terminal.distributeur-selecta-aeroport-rennes

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