Sustainable developement

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Sustainable developement

SEARD, the company that operates Rennes and Dinard airports, is actively pursuing an ambitious environmental management policy. This initiative has been driven by the commitment from its shareholders (particularly the Vinci group which has signed up to the UN's Global Compact) and the proactive policy of its concession grantor, the Brittany regional authority, with regards to preserving the natural environment.

Environmentally Responsible Action

Rennes Bretagne Airport incorporates environmental issues into all of its activities, and has initiated a process of continuous improvement in order to reduce its impact on the environment.


  • 100% of rainwater treated
  • 26% less water consumption per passenger


  • 64% less energy consumption per passenger


  • 100% of waste sorted


  • 99.9% of green spaces not treated with pesticides

Figures of year 2018. Reference year 2006.

Environment and safety policy

Politique intégrée


ISO 14001 Certification

Rennes Bretagne Airport has ISO 14001 certification and endeavours, on a daily basis, to control its impact on the natural environment.

ACA Accreditation

Since 2018, December 7th, Rennes Bretagne Airport is accredited Level 2 by the Airport Carbon Accreditation program, proof of an effective reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and an airport commitment in this area. Airport Carbon Accreditation is a global certification program for managing and reducing CO2 emissions. Independent and voluntary, he helps guide and support airport environmental management through a process of continuous improvement.

Rennes Bretagne Airport was already accredited Level 1 "Mapping" by the Airport Carbon Accreditation program since 2015, December 3rd.

Download the ACA accreditation of Rennes Bretagne Airport


Environmental Policy

Concern for the environment informs all of SEARD's operational and developmental activities.

Seven priorities define the environmental policy applied at Rennes and Dinard Airports:

  • complying with environmental protection regulations,
  • push forward the feedback and analysis of significant events,
  • promote the animation and the communication of our environment policy to our employees and our subcontractors,
  • preserving biodiversity and the aquatic environments,
  • controlling the consumption of natural resources such as water and energy,
  • reducing pollution and managing waste correctly,
  • encourage dialogue and develop dialogue with relevant stakeholders.



Triman Decree

Rennes Airport participates in the joint signage about the end of products life.