People with reduced mobility

Personne à mobilité réduite

People with reduced mobility

In accordance with European legislation applicable since 5 July 2006, Rennes Airport offers free assistance within the airport to persons with disabilities or reduced mobility wishing to travel by air. The service is also provided during the flight and in the destination airport.            
If you wish to use this service, simply make the request with your airline (or travel agent) at least 48 hours prior to departure.


  • When making the reservation – Inform your airline 
    • When you book your ticket, you must inform your airline or travel agent that you would like to receive assistance during your journey.

      To ensure optimum satisfaction of your needs, it is important to specify the nature of your disability (reduced mobility, visual impairment, hearing impairment, etc.), the type of assistance required at the airport and any specific requirements during the flight.

  • Arriving at the airport – Parking and access
    • Choose the car park P3        
      We recommend that you park in the car park P3, located right in front of the terminal building. This car park has a disabled parking area. A ramp provides easy access to the terminal building.

      Or, arrange to be dropped off right outside the terminal building           
      Persons with reduced mobility can arrange to be dropped off by car right outside the terminal building, simply by ringing the intercom. 
      A drop-off zone is also available to you. It is equipped with an access ramp.

  • In the terminal building – Ask for assistance
    • For help on arrival at the airport, please ask for assistance at the check-in desks or at the reception-information desk.

      Note: you must announce your arrival at the check-in or information desk at least one hour prior to flight departure.

      • Attention : vous devez vous présenter dans l'aérogare au moins une heure avant le départ de votre vol. 


  • Quality standards

Rennes Airport is committed to providing you with a high-quality service. Please find more details below :  


Passengers having made an advance request for assistance

Passengers not having made an advance request for assistance

At departure

90% of passengers do not wait more than 10 minutes for assistance 

100% of passengers do not wait more than 45 minutes 

On arrival

90% of passengers receive assistance as soon as they arrive 

100% do not wait more than 10 minutes for assistance on arrival 

  • Comments and suggestions: 

You can send us your comments and suggestions for improvement. They should be addressed to:          
Catherine Courteil-Michelutti    
Rennes Aéroport - BP 29 155 - 35091 Rennes cedex 9


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