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Assistance FBO


Rennes Bretagne Airport offers a specialist airport assistance service, with expert professional teams able to plan a flight tailored to your needs and in the best possible conditions.

A single point of contact and simplified procedures to meet your needs:

  • Passenger, flight crew and luggage services          
  • Aircraft guidance and parking near to the terminal          
  • VIP shuttle for aircraft/terminal transfer  
  • Well-equipped flight crew rest area (showers, TV, relaxation armchairs)          
  • Customs and Excise and Immigration assistance 
  • Flight plan, MTO form     
  • Hotel reservation, limousine and hire cars

Additional services on request:    

  • Catering (ordering and delivery)   
  • GPU/ASU  
  • Internal cleaning of the aircraft     
  • Toilet/drinking water service        
  • Aircraft de-icing     
  • Refuelling: AVGAS/JETA1 - Shell (Visa, Mastercard, World Fuel Services, etc.)        
  • Offices and meeting rooms in the airport Business centre

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