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Février 2020


Willkommen in Deutschland !

Berlin, Germany’s capital city, is a dynamic, forward-looking metropolis. Located in the north-east of the country, the city boasts a rich architectural and cultural heritage, with many history-laden buildings. Urban art is flourishing, with a host of talented artists.

5 reasons to visit Berlin

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Les visites incontournables

Must-see places to visit

Berlin is the ideal destination for anyone interested in a rich and diverse historical heritage. The main attractions include:

  • The Berlin Wall, pulled down in 1989 but with sections remaining and many memorials, including the famous border crossing between East and West: CheckPoint Charlie.
  • The Brandenburg Gate, a neoclassical monument inspired by Athens which used to be the symbol of the split between East and West Germany, is now beautifully lit up at night.
  • The Reichstag Palace: This 19th century Palace is now home to the German Parliament: the Bundestag.
Se déplacer dans Berlin

Other visits

  • The Pergamon Museum: The museum houses collections of antiques as well as the Museum of the Near-East and the Museum of Islamic Art.
  • Museum Island: This island on the River Spree is home to many famous museums, including :
    • The Pergamon Museum,
    • the Bode Museum,
    • the Altes Museum...
Berlin typique et branché

Getting around Berlin

Berlin is a vast metropolis with a wide range of means of transport, allowing you to get around easily as you go, thanks to its underground, tram and city train.
Berlin typique et branché

Typical and trendy Berlin

Discover the capital's many trendy districts, where the artists of the moment gather, and enjoy a coffee and a Pfannkuchen (jam-filled doughnut) in a Kneipen (Berlin café).

Among the most popular districts: Augustrasse, Kreuzberg, Oranienburger Strasse, Simon Dach Strasse, Kollwitzplatz....
Venez-vous balader au fil de l’eau

Take a stroll along the river

Come and have brunch, an essential weekend ritual for Berliners, as you stroll along the River Spree, the Landwehrkanal or the Spandau Kanal.

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