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Willkommen in Deutschland!

Berlin, Germany’s capital city, is a dynamic, forward-looking metropolis. Located in the north-east of the country, the city boasts a rich architectural and cultural heritage, with many history-laden buildings. Urban art is flourishing, with a host of talented artists.

Regular flights between Rennes and Berlin

You can fly to Berlin all year round via Paris-CDG with Air France.


Informations about the destination

Climate: semi-continental, with hot summers and fairly cold winters.

Currency: Euro

Travel document requirements: Valid passport or national identity card

Tourist information:

Attractions and activities

Must-see places to visit

Berlin is the ideal destination for anyone interested in a rich and diverse historical heritage. The main attractions include:

- The Berlin Wall, pulled down in 1989 but with sections remaining and many memorials, including the famous border crossing between East and West: CheckPoint Charlie.

- The Brandenburg Gate, a neoclassical monument inspired by Athens which used to be the symbol of the split between East and West Germany, is now beautifully lit up at night.

- The Reichstag Palace: This 19th century Palace is now home to the German Parliament: the Bundestag.

- The Pergamon Museum: The museum houses collections of antiques as well as the Museum of the Near-East and the Museum of Islamic Art.

- Museum Island: This island on the River Spree is home to many famous museums, including:

- The Pergamon Museum, the Bode Museum, the Altes Museum….

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