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Nice the Beautiful

The capital of the French Riviera is ideally located between mountain and sea. A dynamic, cosmopolitan city, Nice is filled with contrasts and enjoys many assets, such as the famous “Promenade des Anglais”. You are sure to find Nice irresistible.

Direct flights between Rennes and Nice are operated once a day, on monday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday by Air France.

Volotea airline also operates direct flights Rennes-Nice every mondays and fridays until 2019, October 4th.

Journey time: Rennes-Nice: 1 hour 35 minutes

Information about the destination
  • Climate : Nice has a Mediterranean climate. Winters are mild and summers are hot. The sun shines for most of the year.
  • Currency : Euros
  • Tourist Information :
Direct flights Rennes-Nice
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Attractions and activities

Nice, the muse of so many artists

Nice’s luminosity, its beautiful landscapes and its gentle lifestyle have been a source of inspiration for the many artists who have chosen to live in the city. Visit the Matisse Museum or the Marc Chagall Museum, for example. Art is also visible in the streets; take a stroll through the city and you will see that it is truly an open-air museum.

Famous not-to-miss sites

Amongst all the places to visit in Nice, add these to your list: the Promenade des Anglais, Massena Square, the Opera House, the Castle, the Russian Orthodox Cathedral, Saint Nicolas Cathedral, the Acropolis…

A rich cultural activity

Nice is the venue for many festivals, all year round. Arts and culture are present everywhere, both visually and musically, the latter in particular through the famous Nice Jazz Festival. The Festival of Sacred Art, Crossover, Prom’ Party, and Le printemps des mômes amongst others, bring to life the city's rich cultural programme.

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