Security Measures

Security Measures


New European legislation (EC regulation 300/2008, EU regulation 185/2010 and decision C 2010-774) came into force on 29 April 2010. 

This legislation relates to the implementation of aviation security measures within the European Union.  


The regulation requires a change in the practice of the pat-down security searches of passengers and airport staff who have access to the security restricted area. 

“A pat-down search consists on an inspection of the body and clothes, front and back, systematically passing the hands over the parts of the body that are covered by clothing."

A pat-down search includes a physical examination of:       

  • The hair     
  • The chest and clothing (back, collar, cuff, shoulders, pockets, arms, tie or scarf, jacket, shirt, jumper/waistcoat)       
  • The lower limbs (trousers/skirt, belt or waistband, pockets, trouser bottoms, hems)         
  • A physical or visual examinations of the hair and the shoes     
  • These obligatory measures are carried out in all European airports to ensure passenger safety.


Since september, 1st, 2015, passengers may be subject to a detection explosive control. These controls are randoms and allows the security officer to take samples from the hands and the size of the passenger. Cabin bag can also be controlled.

These controls are part of european regulation to detect better explosives that may be on a passenger or in his cabin luggage.

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